This trampoline workout will get you jumping fit!

Lots of fun with an efficient full body workout or also: Jumping Fitness.

What is Jumping Fitness?

Many dance and fitness studios have the trend sport on their schedule. Because the workout on the trampoline is not only strenuous, but also super effective. With Jumping Fitness you jump as powerfully as possible on a small, hexagonal trampoline. With one difference from traditional trampolines: there's a bar in the front. Strictly speaking, it is a balance bar with a handle on which you can support yourself - especially during fast jumps. During training, you alternate between slow and fast jumps.

Can you lose weight with Jumping Fitness?

Yes, you can. You could even lose weight by leaps and bounds: Jumping fitness burns more body fat than jogging, says a study from Turkey's Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University. The fast jumps challenge every single cell in the body. And what's more, the trampoline workout is easy on the joints.

Jumping Fitness is a workout that gets you out of shape and is really a lot of fun. Training on the trampoline strengthens the sense of balance, improves agility and coordination. For those who want something different from equipment training in the gym, Jumping Fitness is a super alternative.